A customer may not be able to log into Teams because of an error reading like so:

Troubleshooting details
If you contact your administrator, send this info to them.
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Request Id: 40388380-2303-471d-9bef-855d89d34900
Correlation Id: 0c0467e6-f0cc-4c75-ae4f-ee7d2cdf8451
Timestamp: 2022-06-21T14:47:59Z
Message: AADSTS7000112: Application '5e3ce6c0-2b1f-4285-8d4b-75ee78787346'(Microsoft Teams Web Client) is disabled.


(These should be a formality, as the user would have let you sooner if they couldn't access Teams sooner if licensed incorrectly!)

  1. Make sure the user is licensed in Office 365, (Basic, Standard and Premium will cover Teams usage)

  2. In the Apps section below the licences on a user's information, check Teams is ticked


If above is all fine, these steps should do the trick:

  1. Go to the Office Admin page, and select the Azure AD Admin Center ( is direct link)
  2. From in the AAD AC, Select Enterprise Applications

  3. Under "Manage", select "All Applications". Change the "Application Type" to "Microsoft Applications"

    and the "Applications Status" to "Disabled".

  4. The Teams Web Client may appear. If it does, click it

  5.  Select "Properties" from the Manage menu. Click "Yes" under "Enabled for users to sign-in?", then click Save

The user(s) should be back in business now.