Some times you just want to keep your downloads, but it can eat up a lot of space on small SSD OS drives.

If you have OneDrive, you can manually tell Windows OS to move the folder and then save item to another folder, if this happens to be on OneDrive, then you may now have 1TB of cloud storage and your device may already be set to free space as and when it needs to.

To move your download folder.

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Find your Download Folder
  3. Right Click on the Downloads Folder
  4. Select Properties in the menu
  5. Click on the Tab called Location
  6. Click on the button 'Move'.
  7. Select your OneDrive Folder
  8. Create a new Folder, called Downloads
  9. Double Click on the folder, so that you are inside
  10. Now Click on the button Select Folder.
  11. Click on Apply
  12. A pop up windows asks if you want to move the files, Click Yes
  13. Depending on how many files and the size this may take some time.
    1. if you get some errors due to file names, you will need to manually short those offending files and start the process again.