1. Open Chrome and click on the avatar, then Turn on Sync
  2. On the page that follows, click on Create Account
  3. As you want to be using a non-Google account, click on 'Use my current email address instead'
  4. Fill in your details accordingly
  5. You'll then be asked to check your email for a code that has been sent to you by Google, (if you use Office 365, for instance, you'll need be logged into either your desktop mail app, or mail.office365.com, or for iCloud, icloud.com); . Retrieve that and enter it into the 'Enter code' field

  6. Once the email address has been verified, you'll need to enter a mobile number to for security verification. Click Next, then you'll then receive a text from Google starting with 'G-' followed by a sequence of numbers. Enter these numbers into the field that follows this page.
  7. Once confirmed, there are a few personal details that need filling out - if you wish, you can remove the mobile number now
  8. What follows are personalisation options, personalisation and cookies settings, and privacy terms and conditions

  9. Once you're happy with this and agree, you can then turn on sync for the account with Chrome - click 'Yes, I'm in'
  10. Your account will begin syncing with Google, and you can now open the bookmarks bar and start adding your favourite websites

  11. Once you click the star in the right-hand side of the web address bar, you'll notice the bookmark will appear there as well
  12. If you fill up the bar, the overflow bookmarks will be available here