1. Click on Set up for an organistaion
  2. Enter in your company email address, then click on Next
  3. Enter your Password
  4. If your company has additional authentication, respond as requested 
    Authentication App with ApprovalAuthentication app with CodeSMS message with Code

  5. You should then see
  6. Depending on your Company policies complete the following screens as per their rules, if you are unsure, choose the default options.
    1. If your device has a touch screen, choose Yes, if not, choose No.
  7. You will see some other screens

(10 minutes)

Adding a PIN

You  may be asked to add a PIN, please complete these steps, it is important that you still remember your password.

Note that a PIN is on valid on this device and is not transfered when you use another device

  1. If you are prompted to create a PIN, then complete those steps
    1. Enter your new PIN Number
    2. You have set your PIN