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Microsoft provides enhanced login security, that stops phishing email from gaining access to your Office 365 account and using this to send out malicious phishing email as you.

There are two main methods for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA);

  1. A text message is sent to your registered Mobile
  2. The Microsoft Authentication App that you install on your smart phone
Once MFA is enabled, you will need to sign in to Microsoft Office portal ( and follow the instructions.

You can choose whether to use text messaging or the authentication App

Start of MFA Wizard

There are 2 methods listed in this guide, SMS and Microsoft authenticator app.
if you want to use the authenticator app then you need to scroll further down this guide

  1. Sign in at
  2. You will see
      1. Check this is your Email Address
      2. Click Next
  3. You will then be asked which method to use
      1. Click on the Drop Down and choose either Authentication Phone (2) or Mobile App (3), NOTE is (4) is empty you can add your mobile number in.
Now follow the correct Version Below

Authentication Phone (2)

  1. Click Next.
  2. You will not see a similar screen as the one below, check that your mobile number is correct, then under Method choose Send me a code by text message.
  3. Click Next.
  4. You will now see the screen below, enter the 6 digit number that you have been sent and then click on Verify.
  5. On the next screen (we do not have an image (if you can send one over that would be great) it has a Application Passwordthat can be used in Outlook and mobile phone applications. 
    • The reason is some of the application do not understand Multi-Factor Authentication, so a special password is used, but the very latest version of Microsoft Outlook for windows does and you may get asked to sign in, with your email address, passwords and then you will be sent another code to enter.
  6. The application password is shown and a little button next to it allows you to copy the password.  Click the button and make a copy.
  7. Open Notepad and paste in the password.
  8. Save the notepad file somewhere, but don't name the file password.
  9. When prompted for a password, open the saved notepad file and copy and paste it.

If you need to create an APP Password

(5 minutes)

MFA using Microsoft Authentication App (3)

  1. In the drop down, make sure you have chosen Mobile App (1)
    • If you Choose (2) Receive notifications for Verificationwhen you sign in to Microsoft, your phone will pop up a notification, like the below images
      • Open the Notification and then you will see You can then Approve or Deny.
    • If you Choose (3) Use Verification Codewhen you sign in, you open the Mobile App and enter the 6 digits shown

MirrorSphere Recommends that you choose 'Use Verification Code' (3) as, when using the notification option, you may get prompted to approve, even when you are not making the request and thus could accidentally allow access.

    2. Once you have chosen your preferred option, click on Setup (4)
    3. You will see an image like below with a QR Code in, keep this open and install the App.

Install App

  1. Install the Mobile App, from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Search for Microsoft Authentication App, you should see something like the below Image
  3. Click on Skip until you see Add Work Account
  4. Press on Add work Account.
  5. Your Camera will open and you need to point it at the QR code shown on Screen
  6. You may see on Screen, whilst you are configuring the app
  7. Then the Mobil App has been Configured
  8. Click Next
  9. Check that your Mobile Number is Correct, if not raise a ticket to support to get the information updated
  10. Click Done
  11. You will then be asked about additional security.
    1. Ensure that you have two options checked (1))(2)
    2. Check that your Phones numbers are correct (3) (4), if not raise a ticket to get them updated.
    3. Click on Cancel if you are not adding any other methods (5)