This is only applicable to those who have been granted Helpdesk Role in the Barracuda Advanced Email Gateway.

Connect to this site

Enter your email address and password (used to sign into Windows or

It is using your AzureAD details, which are syncronised from your local active directory server

When you first log in, you should see this below.

The system has logged you in and showing your the 'User' view, this is the same for other normal users, they can see a log of quarantined messages, or they can change the message filter to show different messages and from here they can release and mark senders as allowed.

To access the system as an elevated user, click on Domains 

The orange warning triangle is due to a delay in DNS propagation 

Click on Help Desk.

From here you can view analytical data and release messages for other.

Dashboard shows the analytical Statistics

Clicking on Message Log shows you a list of all inbound mail. for example 

You can filter and search of email addresses that may be blocked/Not Delivered, as an elevated user.

You can click on the message, but you may not be able to see the content of the message, but from here, you can make some decisions, and see some additional info, above the message in the lower pane, you will see

We have obscured the from address and to addresses and left part of the subject in to show why this may have been caught.

You can click on the highlighted text.  Show details may be the most useful to determine an action, which is, you add to the Allow List, Block (just that email address or the entire Domain) Deliver or report it as incorrectly blocked.

On some occassion the message can not be delivered and you may need to pass this over to support, who may then have to send to Barracuda to resolve.