If you receive a message from Barracuda about a message that has been quarantined, you can safely view the message and decided what to do.

You can ;
  • Allow the send to skip Email Scanning in Future (only do this if trusted, but you will not be protected , if this users email is compromised in future)
  • Block - Allows you to block the domain or email address.  We would recommend the email address.  If you say blocked gmail.com, the domian, you would never recieve a message from anyone who uses gmail.com
  • Download - Download the message to view.
  • Open - Opens the message in another tab in your borwser
  • Deliver - We send the message into you,(takes a few Minutes.
  • Load Remote Content - This will download any pictures, or content that is hosted externally (this is normally used to track if the message has been read, therefore confirms your address as valid)
  • Delete the message
Note: You only get a message if you have quarantined messages.

To View Quarantined messages

To View Quarantined message, click in the link in the Barracuda message and your browser will open a page like the one below.

The top section shows the message that have been quarantined
  1. Deliver State
  2. Reason it was was not delivered
Click on a message that you want to review and it appears in the bottom section, from there you can see the message and make choses
In the red areas marked;
  1. Why it was Quarantined
  2. Options you have
  3. Message Contents

You can now take the required action