Please follow these steps at home to download and install the VPN, Connect and browse to Aspect's Files:
  1. Save the attached .vpn file send to you by email to your personal laptop
  2. Download the Barracuda installer file from:
  3. Follow the instructions in this document How to set up a VPN using Barracuda Software under the section Procedure to Install the Software
  4. Once installed, double-click the icon with the white Key in the black circle by your clock
  5. Select the 3 lines in the top-left of the pop-out
  6. Select Manage Profiles
  7. Confirm Admin access to open the blue pop-out window
  8. Click Import Profile
  9. Click File from the Drop-down
  10. On the pop-out click the blue right arrow
  11. Browse to the .vpn file you have saved from this email
  12. Select the .vpn file and click open
  13. Click OK on the 2 pop-out windows
  14. ComputerUserVPN should now be listed
  15. Right-click and click Connect
  16. The pop-out should appear prompting for your password
  17. Your VPN pw will be emailed to you with your VPN file
  18. Click Connect
  19. The icon by your clock should now turn green
  20. Within File Explorer find This PC on the left-hand menu
  21. Select Computer from the top
  22. Click on Map Network Drive
  23. In the pop-out select the Drive letter you wish to map to, provided by MirrorSphere:
  24. In the Folder: field enter the location provided by MirrorSphere
  25. Ensure the 2 checkboxes are selected
  26. Click Finish
  27. You may get a box like this, if so select More Choices
  28. Click on Use a different Account
  29. Using DOMAIN\first.last as the username, use your normal Company Password as the password and click OK
  30. Repeat steps 20 to 29 with the other drive mappings provided by MirrorSphere

Once set up, it should just be a case of double-clicking the white key icon by the clock and entering your password to view the drives in the future.