If you use OneDrive and SharePoint, this may help free drive space when you have a lot of files sychronised locally


Enabling Storage Sense

In the 'Type here to search' type in Storage.

In the results, click on 

You should see something like this 

At the top, toggle it to on (1) then click on Configure Storage Sense (2)

Configuring Storage Sense

In the Configure Storage Sense Window complete the sections, you can choose your own settings.

If you are really low, then you may need to set some of them to be agressive

Under Cleanup of temporary files, leave that checked.

Under Automatic User content Clean up, ensure that is on

Under Configure cleanun schedules, the defaults are likely to be 

But you can change these as applicable

If you are very low, change the Run Storage Sense to Every day.

When Running OneDrive and SharePoint Sync

In the section labelled Locally available cloud content you will see OneDrive and synchronised SharePoint sites and you can change some of the settings for files that are downloaded locally. You should see something like this.

Anything with never you should change. You can change them to 1 day, 14 days, 30 days or 60 days

If you are running out of disk space then we recommend to change these to be fairly agressive, like 1 day or 14 days if you have about 5% or more free disk space.

One you have set them, click on the Run Storage Sense now button. 

After a while you should see under the button some information about how much space was freed