To use this feature, your machine will need to be running Windows 10. You will also need access to email or a phone to communicate with the agent who will be dialling into your machine and will be communicating a code to you, (which is valid for up to 10 minutes).

  1. Once your IT provider has made contact with you, search for Quick Assist
  2. This window will then appear
  3. Your IT provider will have generated a code which will be valid for 10 minutes. Enter this into the blank box
  4. Once you clicked share screen, the agent will choose whether they are taking control of your machine or just viewing your screen, during which time you'll see this screen:
  5. You will then be asked to grant the agent access to your machine when they have selected remote control or screen viewing
  6. Click Allow; then you will see a border around the edge of your screen to indicate that screen sharing has begun