When you log into a New PC for the first time, the web browser may not be set to the correct browser, which is Google Chrome.

  1. To make this change should take 60 seconds
  2. Press the Windows Keys+S at the same time, this should open the search bar
  3. In the 'Type here to search' type setting
  4. You should now see this icon appear in the start menu, click on it to open
  5. In the Windows Settings window, find Apps and click on it
  6. When that open, inside the far left column find Default Apps
  7. Under Default apps, you may need to scroll down a little until you see Web browser, It will show something like this.
  8. Click on it and you will see something like this pop up
  9. Click on Google Chrome
  10. And it should now change to
  11. Close the Default Apps Windows
  12. When you open a link, it should now open in Google Chrome by default