A Teams meeting room console in a meeting called Weekly project status meeting.

Add a participant

  1. Go to  Add participants  Add people to team button and find the people you want to invite.

  2. Select people to add them to the list of invitees.

  3. After all the people you want to invite are on the list, select  Invite.

Pin a participant's video

When there are multiple people sharing video in a meeting and you want to see one person’s video on your room display, select their name on the room console, then  Pin.

Note: This will only pin the video for the room, not for others in the meeting.

Remove a participant from the meeting

To remove someone from a meeting, select their name on the room console, then  Remove participant.

Participate in the meeting chat

  1. Select  Conversation on the room console.

  2. Go to  Type a message, use the keyboard to type a message, and then tap  Send or press the  Enter key.

Note: For now, this is only available on Skype for Business.

Manage the screen layout

  1. Select  Layout on the room console.

  2. There, you can toggle between different layouts for your room display.

Note: If you have a single display, you can choose between showing just shared content or showing content and a row of people. If you have two displays, one will show content and the other will show people. Selecting  Layout will swap which display shows which.

Manage audio

  • Select  Mic  Mute button  on the room console to mute or unmute the room mic.

  • Select  Volume up or  Volume down to adjust the speaker volume or mute the speaker.

  • Mute participants by going to  Participants, selecting a name, and then  Mute participant.

Manage video

  1. Select  Camera  Video call button on the room console to turn the room camera on and off.

  2. Choose which video device you want to use, or tap  Camera Off to stop streaming the room's video.

    Note: For now, you can only switch between cameras on Skype for Business.

Remove uploaded content

If you leave the meeting room before your scheduled meeting time has ended, you can remove any content that you uploaded for the presentation.

  1. Go to  Content on the room console and select the content that you want to remove.

  2. Select  Remove.

Leave a meeting

Select  Leave meeting on the room console to leave a meeting.

Then, rate the call on the room console using a scale of 1 - 5 stars.