A meeting room console with three meetings on it: Contoso Briefing, Weekly status meeting, and Customer user study report out.

The touchscreen console in a conference room is the heart of every meeting. It automatically wakes up when it detects motion. On the screen, there are a few things you can do:

  • Join a scheduled meeting by selecting the meeting.

    Note: To get a meeting to show up on the room console, organizers should set the room as the meeting location.

  • Start a new meeting by selecting  Meet now  Meet now button .

  • Make a phone call by selecting  Dial pad  Dial pad button and dialing a number.

  • Project your laptop by plugging in the cable connected to the console. Depending on the room settings, it may be projected to the room automatically, or you may have to select  Present  Share desktop button on the room console.

  • Select  More  More options button  for instructions on how to add the room to a meeting, give feedback on the device, or change settings.

When you're in a meeting, you'll have options to manage your camera and mic, share content, add participants, and end the call.

A Teams meeting room console in a meeting called Weekly project status meeting.

In Skype for Business meetings, you'll also have the option to check out conversations and content.