Join a scheduled meeting

Just find your meeting on the console and select it to join.

A meeting room console with three meetings on it: Contoso Briefing, Weekly status meeting, and Customer user study report out.

Any meetings currently happening are at the top of the list. After a meeting ends, it'll stay on the screen for a little while so you can easily join again if you need to.

If a scheduled meeting doesn't appear on the console (or if the meeting tile shows More options ... instead of Join), you will need to invite the room or add the room on your personal device.

Join a scheduled meeting that's not on the console

  1. Join the meeting on your personal device.

  2. When you're choosing your audio and video settings you have the option to add a room so you can use that room's audio and video equipment. Your personal device may even detect a nearby room using Bluetooth.

    If it does, you'll see the meeting room's name and the option to Join and add this room. If the nearby room has already joined the meeting, just select Audio off to join with your audio off and avoid disrupting the meeting.
    On the join screen, Other join options has a pop-up that Team Room Redmond is nearby with the option to Join and add this room

  3. If your device doesn't detect the room nearby, select Add a room under Other join options and search for the room you're using.
    On the join screen under Other join options, there's an option to Add a room

  4. If you've already joined the meeting on your personal device, you can select Show participants Add people to team button , then go to Invite someone or dial a number and search for the room name. Then, select the room and OK to call it into the meeting.

  5. Then, the room will ring. To join the meeting, select Accept on the room console.

    Note: Make sure the audio on your personal device is off before you accept the call on the room console, or you could cause echo.