1. Click on the Calendar Icon 
  2. Click on New Skype Meeting  or New Teams Meeting 
  3. In the New Meeting windows complete the following steps

          1. Title of meeting
          2. Those that are going to attend
          3. Optional Attendees
          4. Start and end date & time
          5. Click on Room Finder to invite meeting room
  4. You will see this appear, if it is not already open on the right side of the New Meeting window

  5. Click on the drop down and select (1) Old Music Hall
  6. A list of available rooms will be listed, select the conference room that you require (2)
  7. You will then get a pop up like this below, click on Yes
  8. With all information entered, click on Send
  9. You should within a few minutes receive an accepted message from the meeting room
  10. If you are declined, repeat or change the meeting times until the room is accepted.

Additional Information

To join a meeting when in the conference room, please look at the small tablet on the table and your meeting should be listed, click Join to connect.

To share content, click here for instructions

For more information on the touchscreen please click here