Please note that this document covers both the Web App, found at and the Office Application.

Note:  You can only book upto 30 days in advance.
Note: Desk can only be book for a maximum duration of 9 hours
Note: You can book reoccuring meetings, if they go beyond 30 days, then it will be declined.

Web Application

  1. Log into
  2. Open the Calendar (look bottom left )
  3. Choose a day
  4. Click on 'Search for a room or location'
  5. Click on 'Browse more rooms'
  6. If you do not see the list of desks or conference rooms, click on 'Search for a city or room list'
  7. You may find that 'Old Music Hall' appears, if not start typeing in 'Old'.
  1. Choose a room from the list that is available
  2. Complete the rest of the meeting details as normal
  3. You should then recieve a confirmation that the Desk\Room has been booked
(5 minutes)

Outlook Application

  1. Create a new meeting as normal
  2. Click on 'Room Finder'
  3. A side windows will appear
  4. Click on the drop down 'Show a room  list'
  5. Select 'Old Music Hall'
  6. You should now see a list of available rooms
  7. If not, then select a time
  8. Send the meeting and you will get an email confirming or declining the meeting.