When your PC is connected to the internet and your organisation are using AzureAD to authenticated access to devices, if you want to change your password on a Windows 10 PC, follow the steps below.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  2. Choose Change a password
  3. A web browser will launch and open a page like this. 
  4. Check the User ID is correct
  5. Enter your old\current password
  6. Enter a new password and ensure that it adheres to your company password complexity levels (these are normally at least 8 characters long, one Upper Case Letter, One number and One Special Character)  Many companies will remember at least 20 of your previous passwords)
  7. Click on Submit
  8. You will be immediately redirected and ask to enter your new password
  9. You may have to reenter your new password in some other applications like Outlook, OneDrive and potentially on any mobile device also.