If you have deleted something, then you can recover the item, within a number of days from the recycle bin.

To do this, you will need to access SharePoint online.

When using OneDrive Sync

You still need to access SharePoint online, the quickest way is to use the 'View Online' option on the contect menu.

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder that contains the file you deleted and right click on the folder and choose 'View OnlineThis will open a web browser page, you may have to sign inwith your company details.

Once signed in, look for Recycle bin in the left hand column (note your colours may be different)

If you have permission, you will then be shown a list of files that have been deleted

To the left of the name and application icon, is a circle where you can check a single or multiple options, when selected they show a circle with a ticket within, then click on Restore

It is normally restored instantly back to its original location and will take a few minutes to reappear within your Windows File Explorer