This is on how to configure the Barracuda VPN with using Active Directory and the Standard VPN.

If you have not installed the VPN Client, please visit here
You will also need your IP address or URL to access the VPN.


  1. Right Click on the Barracuda VPN Application 
  2. Click on Administrator settings
  3. When the User Access Control window pops up, agree to this
  4. Click on New Profile
  5. The Select Machine
    1. Enter a Description, like your Company Name
    2. Enter the IP address or Name that MirrorSphere has provided
    3. Ensure authentication metod is Username/Password
    4. Everything else should be left as is
    5. Click Save
If you experience an issue connecting, and you are sure it is not your password, change the Tunnel Mode (6) to either Reliability (TCP) or Optimized (Hybrid).

To Start the VPN

  1. Right Click on the Barracuda VPN Icon
  2. Click on Connect To and choose the VPN you created earlier
  3. Enter your Username
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Click on Connect
  6. You should then see 
  7. Then you should see this when it is fully connected
  8. You can then click on the X to remove the window
  9. You will also find the icon in the taskbar has changed to a green icon 

 Disconnecting from the VPN

  1. To disconnect, right click on 
  2. Select Disconnect