1. Sign in at https://eu.ninjarmm.com
  2. Enter your SMS Verification code 083070
  3. Once in, move you mouse pointer over the device you want to connect to and then you will see the Remote connection Icon appear
  4. Click on the icon to initiate the connection
  5. Click on the Local Resource Tab
  6. Click on the drop down arrow
  7. Click on Clipboard, this allows you to copy text from the remote PC to the local PC and the other way
  8. Click on Connect
  9. A file will be downloaded, like this
  10. Oen the File
  11. Once open you will see something like this
    1. If this is not your username, then click on 2
  12. Click on Use a different account
  13. Enter the correct details, will look like this domain\username
  14. Click on OK
  15. Remote Session will Open
(5 minutes)

Blue Remote Bar

  1. Connection Strength
  2. Minimise \ Maximise
  3. Disconnect from Session