*Note: Sites can not be shared to external user, unless the Sharepoint site has been set to Extranet mode. If you require a user to access an entire Sharepoint site, then you will need them to purchase an Office 365 license for the duration of the access. This would be the best and recommended method, as once their access is not required, the removal of the licensed account removes access to the shared data.*

  1. Share a Folder or Document to the user.
  2. The user will then receive a similar email.
  3. They click Open and a web page will open, with something like this.

  4. They click on Send Code and page will change to this.
  5. They will receive and email with a code in, like this one.

  6. They enter the code, click on Keep me signed in and click on Verify 
  7. It will now open the shared folder.