If you have Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication enabled, Outlook and other applications, like Team, Skype may not accept your password, if this is the case, you can try updating Office (follow this guide http://bible.mirrorsphere.com/DOC-725199378841833-1309651936477431 ) and the applications.
  1. Login to https://portal.office.com
  2. Once logged in, at the top right, click on your little Circle (1) and then My Account (2)
  3. Click on Security and privacy
  4. Click in Additional security verification (2)
  5. Click on Create and manage app passwords (3)
  6. When the next page loads, check that this is your email address (4) and then click on create (5)
  7. On the pop up, enter a friendly name (6) and then Next (7)
  8. Your App Password is Shown (7) and you can copy this using the button (9) (does not always work). Make sure you have copied it and it works (hint- paste it into the Run or Search box to make sure it is in the clipboard), Click Close (10)

  9. You will now see your app passwords listed
      1. Friendly name (11), Date Created (12), Delete Password (13), Bookmark Page (14)

Using the password

  1. You can now enter that password into any Microsoft Application that is not accepting your password and MFA code.
    1. For example Microsoft Outlook
        1. Check that is your  (1)
        2. Paste in your password (2)
        3. Check the Remember my credentials  (3)
        4. Click on OK