On your Current PC

  1. One your Current PC, create a new notepad file on your desktop and save it as OneDrive Sync URL.txt .
  2. Open that file.
  3. Under your companies Synced One Drive, Right click on one of the folders and then left click on .
  4. In the newly opened browser window, copy the URL into the Text document. 
  5. Repeat for each of the folders you have sync'd.
  6. Ensure that you save the file and then close.
  7. If your OneDrive is protecting your Desktop on your current machine and is set up on your new machine the text document should sync, if not, copy the file on to a USB drive.

On your New Machine

  1. Open the file.
  2. Copy the first URL and paste it into your browser.
  3. Login if required.
  4. Click on Sync .
  5. Allow, you may be asked to open the OneDrive application, agree to all steps.
  6. Depending how big the document library is, you may need to wait 15 to 20 minutes before doing the next.
  7. Repeat until all is completed.