OneDrive is a powerful system that allows you to have more files in the cloud than space available on your Hard Drive

Please see the guide to see the OneDrive Status OneDrive Statuses

Set Files to be Local always

If you are finding that you are working offline a lot, then you can set files and folder to remain on your Hard Drive. To do this

  1. Right Click on the File or Folder and then chose Always keep on this device, This will now download all the files and folders, this can take a long time if there are lots and also be careful not to fill up your drive.

Free Space on your Hard drive

If your hard drive is full, the look for files and folder that you are not using and change them to be Cloud Only.

  1. Look for files that have the Green Outlined Circle, of solid Green circle and right click on them (you can select more that one file\folder using the normal methods)
  2. Choose Free up space, the files and folder should change to the Synchronization icon.