Refers to BitDefender AV

Older PCs that have the standard spinning hard drives, HDD, can experience a high level of overall performance degragation, when an Anti Virus Scan is occurring.

To check if a Scan is occurring and your company is using the MIrrorSphere installed Anti Virus product, please follow the below steps.  Please note that this guide has been written using Windows 10, so some of the icons will look a little different.

At the bottom right of the screen, look for the little ^ Left Click on this to show other hidden icons, look for the Red\Silver Shield

On older version of Windows, it might appear near the clock.

Right Click on the Shield and Left Click on Show,

A new window will appear, this shows recent activity, like scans or updates.  If a Full or Quick scan is running, it will be at the top of the list with a % Complete.

Depending on permissions, you might be able to Pause, Postpone or Stop the scan, If possible we would recommend you all the scan to complete, if that is not possible, Left Click on Postpone and follow the onscreen prompts.

With modern PCs that have Solid State Hard Drives in (SSD), these scans occur and have little to no impact on the performance of the PC.